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Thousands of men and women just like you have eliminated joint pain in their lives by taking Synotrex, a leading joint pain relief supplement on the market.

Whether you suffer from inflamed cartilage in your joints - commonly known as arthritis - or if you simply experience pain, stiffness, or swelling from physical activity and overuse, Synotrex can help you regain mobility, safely and naturally without the use of dangerous prescription drugs.

Gone are the days where you have to use topical creams, hot and cold compresses, anti-inflammatory products, or worse yet, prescription medications that create more problems than they treat!

I used to think that stiff, swollen joints were just something that went along with getting older. Since prescription medicines never agreed with me,
I'd given up on finding an effective treatment.
Then a friend recommended Synotrex,
and I've rediscovered what it's like
to live without joint pain.
Valerie K,
Age 55, Providence, RI


Synotrex has been scientifically designed with clinically proven components to address your specific joint health needs. We understand how joint pain can compromise your quality of life and more importantly, we understand the physical changes that your body is going through and why you suffer from joint pain. It is with this understanding that we have developed the most effective joint pain product on the market!

Within a few short days of using Synotrex, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Reduced joint pain, swelling and stiffness
  • Improved joint lubrication
  • Rebuild worn out and damaged cartilage
  • Increased mobility and range of motion
  • Relief of chronic pain
  • Minimize discomfort from osteoarthritis or injury
90 Days

Synotrex is one of the leading oral joint pain supplements that can be taken on a daily basis. Each dose of Synotrex delivers powerful phytonutrients to your body to fight the causes of joint degeneration and reduce associated pain.

Originally intended to help those suffering from sports injuries, Synotrex has been formulated to assist all people with joint pain or weakness, as well as to promote the ongoing health of joints for people concerned about maintaining proper joint health into the future.


Synotrex is a scientifically designed supplement to repair injured or damaged joint tissue and support healthy joint mobility. Whether you suffer from arthritis, have injured or weak joints, or simply lead an active lifestyle, Synotrex can provide you with a safe and effective program for healthy joints.

People of all ages, activity levels, and health profiles can benefit from providing the proper nutritional support to their joints. Synotrex is for anyone who has suffered from joint pain and wants to support healthy joints into the future.


Synotrex has been shown to alleviate joint pain related to both physical overuse and osteoarthritis. Synotrex's patented ingredients work to improve general joint function, including greater joint flexibility. This is accomplished by offsetting joint space narrowing and the loss of cartilage within the joint, all while providing the necessary building blocks to rebuild cartilage damaged by injury, repetitive motion, and osteoarthritis, while stimulating production of new cartilage.


Synotrex's natural ingredients will work with your body's natural processes to promote healthy joints. First, the ingredients in Synotrex alleviate the constant pain and inflammation that you feel in your joints, resulting in a more active lifestyle. Second, Synotrex works safely and naturally to begin rebuilding any worn out cartilage that you may have lost, and restoring pain-free movement.

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Among the many exciting natural ingredients that have been causing a great deal of buzz in the medical community, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin are the two main ingredients that have shown promise in clinical studies at relieving joint pain and regenerating and repairing damaged cartilage in the body.

Alone, each of these natural ingredients provide fairly impressive results; when used together, they pack an incredible punch towards treating joint pain and naturally relieving the pain and discomfort of inflamed, stiff or damaged joints.

Synotrex Harnesses The Power Of Glucosamine Sulfate. . .

Glucosamine sulfate has been proven to prevent fraying in the cartilage and has been shown to help the body naturally regenerate fresh, healthy cartilage over time. Increased amounts of this spongy "buffer" means reduced joint pain and inflammation for you.

. . .And Combines It With The Effects of Chondroitin and the TREX-2 Blend!

Chondroitin is a natural ingredient that works with the body's existing glucosamine sulfate to help enhance its effects. This phenomenon translates into reduced pain and the dramatic slowdown of the breaking down of cartilage in the body. In other words, chondroitin amplifies the effects of glucosamine sulfate in the body - and works synergistically with the other Synotrex components (TREX2) to make your joint pain a thing of the past.

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While glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin make up the foundation of Synotrex's amazing benefits, its formula is further enhanced by an impressive array of other natural ingredients. Each ingredient that goes into Synotrex has proven benefits for joint and cartilage health. Beyond its medically proven formula, though, Synotrex provides a host of other unbeatable benefits.

When compared with other popular treatments for dealing with joint pain and discomfort - including prescription medications - Synotrex is far and away the best joint pain supplement available today.

When you use Synotrex, you benefit from the following advantages:

Each and every ingredient that goes into Synotrex has been especially selected for its proven benefits in combating joint pain, reducing inflammation, regenerating cartilage - and for many other key benefits. Below is a comprehensive list of the ingredients that are used in Synotrex along with their health benefits.

After suffering a pretty bad knee injury in college 20 years ago, I have been dealing with bad knee pain. I've tried all kinds of stuff, but no matter what, nothing really makes it feel better. My wife saw an ad for Synotrex guaranteeing that it would work, so she bought me some. I took it reluctantly, but amazingly enough it really worked. Synotrex has made a huge difference and am now able to be active again (pain free).

Woody Jackson, Age 43
Denver, CO

Before finding Synotrex, I was really starting to miss out on a lot life's special moments. I've had arthritis for years and have always struggled with it. I've never really was an active person, but when my grandchildren started to run around a lot more, I struggled to keep up. That's what prompted me to start looking for a good solution. I found Synotrex online and it seemed to address my needs. Well, after using it consistently for 4 months, I'm a new person. My RA has gotten a lot better and more importantly, I can keep up with the little ones. I no longer feel like I'm missing out!

Beatrice Williams, Age 64
Chicago, IL

Synotrex is a great product. I have been using it for 6 months straight and it has made a huge difference. Before Synotrex, playing basketball with my kids was tough. I could play for awhile, but eventually my knees would just hurt too much. With Synotrex, it feels like my knees are lubricated with WD-40 :-) and I don't feel a thing.

Lydia Whitney, Age 41
Portland, OR

Synotrex is the best! I've tried all kinds of home remedies (I refuse to take joint pain medication) and it is by far the most effective supplement out there. I have wasted my money on all kinds of products and I can guarantee you, nothing works as well as Synotrex. It has all of the right ingredients to reduce joint pain. Don't waste your time and money like I did trying other products. Get Synotrex today and start feeling better!

Carl Brown, Age 51
Dallas, TX

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