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Synotrex Advanced Joint Formula

Synotrex Advanced Joint Formula is a scientifically designed formula, based on years of research and testing, which promotes healthy joint function and helps alleviate pain and swelling, and repair damaged joints. Originally intended to help those suffering from arthritis, Synotrex has been formulated to assist all people with joint pain or weakness, as well as to promote the ongoing health of joints for people concerned about maintaining their health into the future. In light of the recent events and concerns regarding the health risks of many prescription joint medications, Synotrex provides a safe, natural alternative to dangerous and expensive prescription medications. Composed of vitamins, minerals, all natural COX-2 inhibitors, and patented, clinically proven ingredients in the fight against joint pain, Synotrex is the most effective joint supplement available without a prescription.

Synotrex is composed of the following active ingredients:

Looking for a safe, natural product to promote healthy joint function? Synotrex Advanced Joint Formula is a safe, effective product available now without a prescription. Synotrexís patented ingredients help support, ease, and rebuild joints, without the dangerous side effects recently discovered in many prescription medications. Order Synotrex risk-free, and discover the all-natural solution for healthy joints.

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Synotrex is a great product. I have been using it for 6 months straight and it has made a huge difference. Before Synotrex, playing basketball with my kids was tough. I could play for awhile, but eventually my knees
would just hurt too much. With Synotrex, it feels
like my knees are lubricated with WD-40 :-)
and I donít feel a thing.
Lydia Whitney,
Age 41, Portland, OR

I used to think that stiff, swollen joints were just something that went along with getting older. Since prescription medicines never agreed with me, I'd given up on finding an effective treatment. Then a friend recommended Synotrex, and I've rediscovered what it's like to live without joint pain.

Valerie K,
Age 55, Providence, RI


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