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Are you interested in promoting a new nutritional product that almost everyone can benefit from? With the recent high profile news stories about the dangers of many prescription arthritis and joint pain medications, now more than ever people are looking for a safe alternative to treat joint pain and arthritis. From serious athletes, to the elderly, to just about everyone who wants to avoid health problems in the future, Synotrex is the product that can help. Now is the time for you to promote the top joint supplement that is taking the industry by storm, Synotrex!

The Synotrex Affiliate Program was designed to help you maximize your profits from referring visitors to the benefits of Synotrex Joint Formula. The Synotrex Affiliate Program is the leading affiliate program in the industry, offering:

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The Synotrex Affiliate Program will be opened for a limited time to a select group of highly motivated webmasters. With 70% of our customers ordering multiple bottles, your commissions will add up fast. Best of all, we handle all customer support, billing, and shipping. All you have to do is promote Synotrex, and get paid!

Signing up is easy, simply fill out our sign-up form, and adhere to our strict no-spam policy. Your acceptance status will be provided within 24 hours, and we'll email you everything you need to start making money! If you have any questions, please contact me directly and I'll be happy to help you out.

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I used to think that stiff, swollen joints were just something that went along with getting older. Since prescription medicines never agreed with me,
I'd given up on finding an effective treatment.
Then a friend recommended Synotrex,
and I've rediscovered what it's like
to live without joint pain.
Valerie K,
Age 55, Providence, RI


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Synotrex 6-Month Supply
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Synotrex 1-Month Supply

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